CHP Code of Conduct

We strive to be, first and foremost, a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment for all of our guests. Here is the code of conduct we ask our guests to follow to help us preserve that atmosphere.

Cherry Hill Park is the Closest Campground to Washington, DC

Cherry Hill Park has RV sites, tent sites, cabins, yurts, and glamping pods.



We strive to be, first and foremost, a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment for all of our guests. Please help us to preserve this atmosphere at our park.

All guests at Cherry Hill Park are expected to abide by the following rules throughout the entirety of their stay. Cherry Hill Park reserves the right for any of its management to enforce this code of conduct. Management reserves the right to evict from the park without a refund any guest who refuses to adhere to the CHP Code of Conduct.


1. Quiet Hours

Quiet hours begin at 10:00pm. At this time, all day visitors must leave the park. Please do not play outside audio equipment. Keep noise to a minimum and respect your neighbors. Fires are allowed until midnight, but guests enjoying a campfire are still expected to adhere to quiet hours. Use of generators is prohibited at all times.

2. Safety First

Please respect the need for operations at our park to run safely and legally. All utility connections must be in good repair and sufficient for the respective use and/or load. The management reserves the right to inspect and disconnect any connection not in compliance with safety, conservation, or sanitary regulations. Use of autotransformers or similar devices is prohibited. All pressure regulators, water hoses, and water connections must be rated for at least 65psi. Hose washers are available from the office at no extra charge.

3. Keep it Clean

Please be clean and sanitary while staying at our park. All waste water must be run directly into a sewer connection with a 3-inch sewer line, as draining onto the ground is illegal. Please keep your camping area free of litter, debris, and unattended food. Please do not hang laundry at your site; dryers are available on premises. Avoid contact with squirrels and other wildlife, as they may carry diseases. Do not keep food in tents.

4. Mind Your Pets

Please be a responsible pet owner. All dogs and other pets must be accompanied and kept on a 6-foot leash whenever outside of your vehicle or cabin (with the exception of our fenced-in dog parks). Do not tie your pet to shrubs, trees, or utilities. Clean up after your pet and do not leave pet food outside. Limit excessive barking. No pets in tent sites.

5. Supervise All Children

A campground is a natural habitat with many obvious and hidden dangers, which makes camping a potentially hazardous activity. Children under 13 must be accompanied by their parents/guardians at all times while in the pool area, splash park, hot tub, or sauna. Children under 5 are not allowed in the hot tub or sauna. It is the responsibility of parent/guardians to keep children free of danger and injury at all times. We recommend that children are supervised by adults at all times while in the park.

6. Respect Your Neighbors

Please keep in mind that your actions affect the well-being of your neighbors. Do not place personal items or park vehicles that block or overlap with your neighbor's site. Do not park on the grass. Aside from your RV, only one vehicle is allowed per site. All additional vehicles must be parked in designated areas. Major vehicle repair is prohibited. No commercial vehicles.

7. Safe Driving

The park speed limit is 10mph. Drivers of all vehicles, including golf carts, must have a valid driver's license. Joy riding of motorcycles, motorized scooters, or any other motorized vehicles is prohibited. ATVs are not allowed.

8. Alcohol Safety

We expect all of our guests to comply with all federal and local laws while on premises. Underage drinking is prohibited. Drunk driving is prohibited. Unruly guests will be asked to leave. Management reserves the right to refuse sale of alcohol to any guest at any time at management’s discretion. Management reserves the right to contact local authorities when interacting with dangerously intoxicated or law-breaking guests.

9. Inappropriate Language, Imagery, Signage

Cherry Hill Park is a family campground that welcomes campers from all around the nation and the world.  Management reserves the right to require that guests remove any signage and/or imagery that is offensive or that interferes with the friendly, positive environment we try to uphold at our park.

10. No Illegal Fires

All fires must be contained within fire rings and must contain only wood. Fires must be attended by an adult at all times. Fires must be out by midnight. Please do not bring wood from outside of the region to avoid spread of tree destruction by invasive insect species. Bonfires are not allowed.

11. Respect the Law

Cherry Hill Park is subject to federal, state, and local laws and expects its guests to abide by the law at all times while on premises, including and especially alcohol, pet, and firearms laws. Cherry Hill Park will assist local law enforcement whenever possible. Cherry Hill Park accepts no responsibility for consequences resulting from a guest failing to abide by the law.