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monumental experience club

The Monumental Experience Club is Cherry Hill Park's newest way of rewarding guests who stay with us over and over and over...and over! We love having you, and we want to say thanks. Club members qualify through the number of bookings they make, so there's no price to join.  Just come on back to Cherry Hill Park and have a Monumental Experience!

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Monumental Experience Club members receive:

  • priority booking on their reservations
  • express check-in
  • a free reusable cafe souvenir cup
  • unlimited fountain soda at the cafe and office, and
  • their choice of a free bundle of firewood or a free bag of ice.


How do I join the Monumental Experience Club?

Guests earn a 12-month membership when they stay at Cherry Hill Park 4 or more times in a 12-month period, starting from the time they book their fourth stay. There's nothing else you need to do - book your stays just like you did before and enjoy the extra perks!

When will I find out I'm a member?

When you qualify for the Monumental Experience Club, you'll receive notification from us within a few weeks. If you haven't received a notification prior to your check in, just remind us you're a member when you get here!

Is Club membership permanent?

Membership is based on the number of stays a guest makes with us per year. In order to remain in the club, members must have stayed at Cherry Hill Park 4 or more times within the past 12 months. So if you stay with us 4 times each year, then yep - you'll stay a member forever!

How does priority booking work?

Priority booking means that your reservation will take priority over all other standard site reservations when it's time for staff to assign site numbers. Before we get to any other requests, we'll make sure you're in the best site available, and make sure that you're nearby any friends you may be camping with. While this doesn't offer the same specific site assignment a booking a premium site, it does means you'll get a site you're happy with every time you stay with us. And if there's a premium upgrade available, you'll be the first to know about it.

What's express check-in?

Express check-in is a way to avoid waiting in line at peak times. You'll head straight down to the gate, where you'll get your site assignment. Then head straight to your site - one of our staff members will be along shortly with the rest of your check-in information. Normally this process is only available to guests camping in a premium site - but our Monumental Experience Club members get the option of express check-in no matter what type of site they book.

Does this mean I can waive the need for a deposit or a visitor's fee?

Monumental Experience membership does not exempt guests from paying deposits and visitor's fees - we require those from all guests, every time. We hope that all the other extras are enough to make your vacation special!

Can I always count on Cherry Hill Park for vacation fun and a lifetime of memories?

You betcha! We love what we do and we love seeing familiar faces - we'll be here with a warm welcome any time you want to come by.

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