Campground Map & Site Guide

Campground Map & Site guide

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Site Guide

We have great sites throughout the park, but if you’re looking for something specific, here’s a breakdown of roughly what to expect in each area of the park. Please keep in mind our policy for reservations: while premium sites can be reserved by site number, standard sites are assigned on a first-come, first-service basis. Staff will try to accommodate requests but we cannot guarantee a specific site or area unless a premium site has been reserved.


The 100s are backed by trees and offer a more natural setting than other areas of the park. They offer some shade and are buffered from road noise by the wooded tent loop behind them. With good access to the pools and nearby Bathhouse 2, they’re still a bit less busy than the sites in the middle of the park.

The 300s (Rushmore Loop)


200s, 300s, & 401-414

These sites are some of the most conveniently located in the entire park if you’ll be taking lots of trips into DC. They’re great for guests looking for a short walk to the bus depot, office, mini golf, and splash park. The premium pull-throughs in this area have good reception for satellites.


These are good “all-around” sites, offering a happy compromise between convenience and quiet. They offer pretty good access to both the bus depot, the pools, a playground, and our dog runs. They’re also convenient to Bathhouse 1. These sites have good reception for satellites.

The 400s & 500s (Grand Teton Way & Carlsbad Cove)



The 500s are in an area with older growth pine trees, making them some of the prettier and more wooded sites at Cherry Hill Park. Tucked away in their own loop, they offer more privacy while still being an easy walk to the bus depot and main office. Folks looking for a shady site will be happy here.

600s & 700s (Yellowstone Place & Everglades Alley)



The 600s are all premium pull-through big-rig sites, with plenty of room to maneuver. They’re far from the highway, making them some of the quietest sites in the park, with convenient access to the Waterfall Building and its newer bathhouse and laundry facilities. These sites all have excellent satellite reception.


We don’t call this area the “middle of the park” for nothing - it’s centrally located to all of our amenities and is perfect for families with kids. With the best access to the pools, cafe, playground, and splash park, there are plenty of places to play and still be close to home. Guests looking for a little more quiet would be happier in the 700s, and satellite reception is best in the 900s and the odd-numbered 700s and 800s.

Yosemite Lane (the 900s)



The 1200s are the right place to be if you’re looking for a quiet loop and a bit more privacy. They offer good satellite reception. Please note that while Bathhouse 3 is very close, access is via a wooded path rather than by road.

The 1200s (Arctic Circle)


1300s & 1400s

This area is less traveled than the front of the park, with good bathhouse access and shady sites. Sites are more spacious, and the lower numbers are on the quieter side of the park.

1500s, 03-41

These are popular sites for those looking for peace, quiet, and shade - they’re nicely set back from the main road. The 1500s are on one of the least-traveled roads in the whole park, for those looking for a particularly tucked-away, private feel.

1400s, 1600s, 1700s, & 1800s



The 1600s are good for guests with satellites and have good bathhouse access. They’re on a low-traffic road that’s got a lot less hustle & bustle than the front of the park.

43-97, 1700s & 1800s

This area of the park is great for big rigs: sites are easy to get in and out of and are some of the larger sites in the park. This is also where most of our premium pull-through sites are located. Sites here offer great satellite reception. If you’re hauling a serious rig, this is where you want to be!