Transportation Options

Information and directions on how to get to Washington DC, how to travel to Washington DC, how to book a tour, how to take ride the Washington DC Metro subway, how much does the Metro subway cost, how to take the bus, and how to drive to the College Park Metro station. 

Cherry Hill Park is the Closest Campground to Washington, DC

Cherry Hill Park has RV sites, tent sites, cabins, yurts, and glamping pods.

Transportation Options

Collage of Riders on DC Metro, Metro Train in Station, Washington, DC Downtown Circulator Bus

However you're looking to tour Washington, DC, we've got you covered! Guests who prefer a guided option might want to take a tour - some tours even depart right from our on-site bus depot! For guests who prefer a self-guided experience, we suggest accessing Washington's train system, the DC Metro. You can drive to a Metro station yourself or take a local bus that stops at Cherry Hill Park.

To learn more about tour options or to buy tickets, visit our Tours Page or email us at:

Keep reading for information about the DC Metro, getting to the Metro station, and getting around the National Mall.

The DC Metro

Washington DC Metro Train Pulls into Pentagon City Station

The DC Metro is one of the cleanest and safest public transit systems in the United States. Using the Metro lets you skip the traffic, crazy drivers, and parking difficulties inherent to driving in Washington, DC. The Metro ride into downtown DC takes about 30 minutes, which is usually much less time than it would take to drive.


  • The DC Metro consists of 6 intersecting train lines, each named after a different color. Cherry Hill Park's closest station is College Park, which is on northern end of the Green Line.

  • Make sure the train you board is going in the correct direction. Trains and platform signs are always marked with the final stop on the line in the direction the train is going. You can look up end stations using your Metro map. From College Park, the final stop heading downtown is Branch Ave. When heading back to our park, the final stop will be Greenbelt.

  • The Metro runs from early morning until 11:30pm (1:00am on Fri & Sat, 11:00pm on Sunday). Don't miss your last train!

Click here to see a DC Metro Map.

For step-by-step directions to anywhere in DC, you can use the DC Metro Trip Planner. Enter "College Park Metro Station" as your starting point - that's the closest station to Cherry Hill Park. Click here for the DC Metro Trip Planner.


SmarTrip Cards

Close-up of DC Metro Smartrip Fare Card in Someone's Hand

In order to ride the Metro, the local bus system, or any of the buses in downtown DC, you'll need to pay using a SmarTrip card. When entering or exiting a Metro station or boarding a bus, swiping your SmarTrip card will deduct the cost of your journey from the balance on your card. You'll need to make sure you refill your card balance as necessary, which you can do at machines located at every Metro station.

We sell SmarTrip cards at the bus depot and office that are pre-loaded with fare to get you started, as well as an unlimited-ride day pass. Guests 65 and over can purchase an empty senior SmarTrip card, which can be filled at our bus depot or at any Metro station. We can also add fare to any SmarTrip card and sell custom fare cards at our bus depot.


Metro Fares

What fare you'll pay on the Metro depends on how far you're going, whether you travel during rush hour, and whether you have senior status. Children under 5 ride for free. For detailed fare information for any route through the city, you can use the DC Metro Trip Planner.

Taking The Bus

Campers Disembark Bus from Washington, DC Metro Station to Cherry Hill Park

A local bus comes to the campground throughout the day every day to bring passengers to the College Park Metro Station. Fare is $2.00 each way ($1.00 for seniors). Children under 5 ride free. The bus ride takes about 25 minutes.

Click here for a bus schedule.


Driving to the Metro

Driving to the Metro is another great way to access DC's public transit. Our closest Metro station is the College Park station, which is about 4 miles away. You can park your car at the station and board the train to DC!

Parking at the Metro station costs $5.20 per day Monday-Friday for each car (free on weekends), and you can pay using your SmartTrip card or a regular credit card. If you're driving an oversized vehicle, you should drive 5 miles to the Greenbelt station instead to ensure adequate parking.

Please use the links below for driving directions to the Metro:

DC Circulator Bus

Circulator Bus in Downtown Washington, DC

The Circulator Bus is an easy way to move around the National Mall once you've arrived - and best of all, it’s only $1 to ride!

Walk 2 blocks south on 7th Street from the Archives Metro station until you reach 7th Street and Madison Drive. You can board the bus and depart at any one of the 15 stops that encircle the memorials and monuments of the National Mall.

Circulator buses run every 10 minutes throughout the day. Swing by our office for a free map.